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 I was in a small fender bender with some minor suspension damage while visiting Wimberley. The officer that showed up called for a tow truck for me and the driver suggested taking the car to Wimberley Collision and then have my insurance company arrange towing back to Austin.

When I got to Wimberley Collision I was greeted by multiple people who were working and they were very empathetic, courteous, and helpful about my situation. They had offered to do an estimate for free and to work with my insurance company, and I decided to just keep the car there, as my insurance paid towing is only covered for 10 miles, so I would be paying quite a bit on top of my deductible due to long distance towing.

Wimberley Collision's service was extraordinary, they fixed my car promptly, When I inquired about the repair status they were quick to respond and very thorough.  When time came to get my car, I rode with some friends back to Wimberley and decided to make a day of it. I got to WC and saw they had not only fixed my car impeccably, but also it was very clean and detailed. The work they did was awesome and the car drove smoother and straighter than even before the accident. I am glad I decided to keep the car in Wimberley and have Wimberley Collision fix my car. Great work, great people and great facilities.







Feb 2014


"You guys are the Best!!"


K. Starkey



Jan 2014

Thank You!!  The car looks great and thank you sooo much for cleaning it up for me.  That was a real treat.  J





Thanks for your service, I was impressed and have told many about my positive experience with your shop.  I wish I could remember the last time a service or product company has met and much less, exceeded a customer’s expectations… for that, thank you.  I have referred a co-worker, who was rear ended last night with minimal damage but she wants to have it checked out by a professional to ensure there isn’t anything broken behind the scenes and everything is still of original integrity.


Thanks again.

Russell G

Jan 7, 2014



Hello Robert,


Thank you for all of your help with my vehicle these last couple of weeks. If you would be able to mail the remaining items in my car that I forgot, I would greatly appreciate it. It's difficult for me to drive down to Wimberley soon due to work and school time constraints.  Thank you so much for shipping them out to me. You have been a big help through this whole process. I appreciate your professionalism & courtesy.


Alex Q



So glad to have a reputable auto collision business in Wimberley Texas.  These guys really do what they say they are going to do.  They have integrity to the highest standards.  They made it so easy.  They picked my car up and me from my house, had a rental car waiting for me at the shop and billed my insurance company.  I would recommend this shop to anyone.


Stephanie R



Hi Robert,


By now you have certainly heard the details of moving my 5K shipping container ~100' on my property.  I just wanted to drop a quick message thanking you for not giving up on me initially, and a huge thankyou to your wrecker driver for the excellent job he did.  I was certain (at least 6 times!) that he was going to say: "Sorry, this is just too much, at least we tried", but he persisted and found ways to get around the various issues.

Also, he was obviously an expert at operating the truck and was able to place the container perfectly with less room to spare than I had figured for a rig like that.  As we discussed, I knew the cost could be much higher than the $55 base fee.  Even though it was considerably higher, I commend him for his attitude of not wanting to give up and his attitude to complete the job.


Again, many thanks for your help, and please pass my thanks on to your driver.



David Brown



I haven't been to the shop for repairs but I was in desperate need of someone to pull me out of the mud. These guys went above and beyond and did what their competition said they couldn't do. They also did it for a fraction of what the others were going to charge. These guys run a good, honest business. THANK YOU!


Michelle B